Skelp – MDM (hardhouse mix)


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While sorting out my record collection I was reminded of the time when vinyl was worth something, and in some cases worth quite a lot. I decided to make a mix of tracks that either cost me a lot more than average to buy, were regularly traded for high prices or were considered rare before the advent of legal and illegal digital downloads. As it turns out most of them were hard as nails!

The result is M.D.M. (Million Dollar Mix) – 73 minutes, 320Kbps MP3 file

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it – the (hazy) memories came flooding back!

Right click here and choose ‘save as’ to download ‘MDM’


  1. D – D2A – D
  2. The Project – Meltdown (OD404 Mix) – Chug n Bump
  3. Paul King – Odyssey Pt2 – Full On
  4. Keiser Sose – Somnium – White
  5. RR Fierce – Panik – Fierce Technik
  6. Code 21 – Wanna Play House (OD404 Remix) – DP
  7. E-Trax – Let’s Rock (Karim Mix) – White
  8. Lab 4 – Reformation 2 (OD404 Mix) – Alien Trax
  9. Karim – Taliban – White
  10. Paul Glazby – Kick It – Vicious Circle
  11. Karim – Mass Hysteria – Alien Trax
  12. RR Fierce & DMF – Rock Da Spot – Recharge
  13. Paul Glazby – Hostile (Nick Sentience Remix) – Vicious Circle
  14. Tony De Vit – I Don’t Care ( Karim Mix) – White
  15. Karim – Target Locked – White
  16. Lab 4 – Reformation – Elementary

Right click here and choose ‘save as’ to download ‘MDM’


    5 thoughts on “Skelp – MDM (hardhouse mix)

    1. this is one of those mixes that documents the real underground classics – what was going on at the less commercially oriented side of the scene at the time. grab ’em while you can as some of these are hard to find on wax now! cheers Comrade Skelp 🙂

    2. Bang bang bang! But with soul & feeling – proper tunes in there Mr Skelp, cracking mix )

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