JD Pleks – Shadow Dancing (techhouse mix)


Finally I have got round to sourcing some new music and putting together a mix! It’s been far too long since the last set I put together of new tracks. This here is 60 minutes of techhouse, some drifting, some driving and some just a ‘wee bit different’. It’s not like the last techhouse mix that I recorded – Rallying Call – in that this one is a lot less repetitive and has a lot more distinctive rhythms and melodies in it.

Have a listen and let me know what you think! Right click here and choose ‘save as’ to download Shadow Dancing


  1. OAR003-B – Oni Ayhun
  2. Artbridge (Habischman Remix) – Mantu
  3. Rascals (Fabio Giannelli Remix) – Wankelmut
  4. Is Your Kettle On? (Club Mix) – Thomas Schumacher feat. Chelonis R. Jones
  5. Blythe – Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike
  6. Wood & Wine – Wankelmut
  7. Don’t Go – Tom Budden
  8. Sextouch – Lula Circus
  9. Behind The Mask – Dam Fanel
  10. Cargo Room – Sable Sheep
  11. Third Floor – Christian Smith & Wehbba

JD Pleks – Rallying Call (techhouse mix)

Right Click image or here and ‘Save As’ to download Rallying Call

I recorded this full-on techhouse mix back in August of this year (2010) but have sat on it for a couple of months as I wasn’t too sure about it – I was worried that the middle section was a little too samey for listening to, but one of my friends (thanks Stephen!) said:
‘Aye, it might be a bit similar for a wee bit, but it’s seamless and if you were in a club you would get well lost in it before the sprint to the finish’.

Now thats what I wanted to call it, but it was far too long a title, so I have abstracted the name from the mix. What does it, and the image mean? I guess you’ll have to work that one out for yourselves, maybe while you’re getting lost in the middle section of the mix?

Right Click here and ‘Save As’ to download Rallying Call


  1. Reminimalized – Alex Young
  2. Money (Babydoc & SJ Mix) – T-Roks
  3. Es la Vida (Format:B Remix) – Daniel Steinberg
  4. Get Come – Sila Guney
  5. Norrecs 24h Street Carnival – Schadenfreude
  6. Voodoo Palace (Khainz Remix) – Squoid
  7. Macedonio (Manel Diaz Remix) – Juan Ddd
  8. Sub-Sonic – Audio Dolls
  9. Pandoras Box – Echo Vacio
  10. Techno Killed The Cat – Sinisa Tamamovic
  11. Fly-By-Wire – Koen Groeneveld
  12. Mudma – SeeGee
  13. Responding To Dynamic (Koen Groenveld Remix) – Umek
  14. Reminimalized (Glitter remix) – Alex Young
  15. Drumrush (tribalism2002 re-edit) – Thimo U.S.
  16. Work This data – Umek

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JD Pleks – Shifting Perspective (techhouse mix)

Courtesy of Jane South

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A 60 minute pure techhouse mix that reflects my slower, groovier, housier side. I still love to rinse out funky, chunky techno but this takes a less full-on approach. It’s still aimed at the dancefloor with heavy kickdrums and big bass, but it doesn’t ramp up the BPMs or get too crazy.

The artwork for this mix is courtesy of Jane South, to whom I am grateful for the permission to use it – please visit her website

Right click here and choose ‘save as’ to download ‘Shifting Perspective’


  1. Dark Rain – Markus Schatz
  2. Neon Cringe – Simon Beeston
  3. It’s not a Zoo – Ludwig Coenen
  4. luvenis – Wally Lopez
  5. Dusty Back Room – Simon Beeston
  6. Dave’s Ghost – John Selway
  7. Brute – Sinisa Tamamovic
  8. Upper Deck – Markus Homm
  9. Hard To Find – Peter Kruder
  10. Windrose (Format B Remix) – Funkwerkstatt
  11. The Last Time – John Selway
  12. Directions (Nordstrom + Villegas Remix) – Psycatron
  13. U Can Dance (Carl Craig Remix V.2) – DJ Hell + Bryan Ferry
  14. Tough Luck – Simon Beeston

Right click here and choose ‘save as’ to download ‘Shifting Perspective’