JD Pleks – Room to Breathe (techno mix)


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Here’s another mix from the recent past – this one was recorded in December 2008, when I was really just starting to find my feet with a slower, more considered style of techno. I had begun to tire of the very ‘samey’ sounds and energy in the ‘nu’ techno scene, and had been, over the previous year, discovering that I enjoyed listening to techno that had less going on, more space between the sounds and tracks given time within the mix to progress and get inside your head.

I guess you could call it minimal, certainly for the first half, but I reckon it’s just techno!

Right click here and ‘save as’ to download ‘Room to Breathe’


  1. Coheed – Nathan Fake
  2. Buenos Aires – Igor S Milton
  3. Shibuya (Rocha Lewinger remix) – Anderson Noise
  4. Pandemonium – A.D.M
  5. Hyperbolic – efflle and Jitzu
  6. Static (Christopher Manik remix) – Topher Jones
  7. Burlington – Bradler Dualton
  8. Eclipse (Locodice remix) – Oner Ozer
  9. Lost Memory – Oxia
  10. Runaway – Ron Flatter
  11. Dirty Game – Sinisa Tamamovic
  12. Keep It Going (Microdinamic remix) – Igor S feat Lady Brian
  13. Pan Pan – Koen Groeneveld
  14. Shady Rider – Sinisa Tamamovic

Right click here and ‘save as’ to download ‘Room to Breathe’


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