Guest Mix on Banging Techno Sets


I have been listening to mixes on Banging Techno Sets SoundCloud page for a little while now, and enjoy the range of styles they have on their regular podcasts – always staying true to their name, but each DJ has their own slant on the genre. After recording Future Dissident I sent them over a link to it, and they asked me to send them an exclusive 1 hour mix for one of their podcasts – this made me happy!

I decided that any mix I sent to them would have to be good (of course!) and also with as dynamic a mixture of tunes as I could fit into the time available – after a couple of aborted attempts I struck on what I thought was the right playlist, and then set about putting them together – I had a great time making this mix, more fun than I have had in a while – something about making a mix for someone else’s page just works for me (see the guest mix I did for Sonicrampage for another example).

This mix is number 160 in the Banging Techno Sets catalogue, and is available on SoundCloud and YouTube

Thanks to Banging Techno Sets for asking me to guest on their podcast – if you enjoy my techno mixes, give some of the other great DJs on there a spin – you’ll definitely find things you like!


  1. Fastback – Hell Driver
  2. Choises – Letunlame
  3. No Worries – Sahaf
  4. Get Up – AnGy KoRe
  5. Exclusive Anthem (Hawk Remix) – DeepVoicee, Lewis Shephard
  6. Concrete – DigitalboyBdn
  7. Velow – Oruam Zior, Ruvick L
  8. Cubic Psycho Eighteen – Master Master
  9. Muriatik (Darmec Remix) – A.Paul
  10. Effet Papillon (Sopik Remix) – Tawa Girl
  11. Tope – LD962
  12. Rise of Darkness – GSR
  13. Not Amused (Silvano Scarpetta Remix) – LNO, ReneHell
  14. Aktion Mekanik Theme (Kobosil 44 Version) – Terence Fixmer
  15. Dark Moon – Tawa Girl
  16. Kaos – Giacomo Renzi
  17. Queen of Hearts (Charles Fenckler Remix) – Reform (IT)


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