Skelp – This is Hard Hat Vol. 1 (hardcore mix)

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It’s been a while since I have recorded any mixes – it seems nowadays that I need a reason to go near the decks, so when me ole’ mate Lizzie asked me to play at her birthday bash this year I jumped at the chance, knowing that it would give me the opportunity to play some ‘ard stuff. This is more or less exactly the set I played, which I think surprised a few folk on the night but certainly got some old-timers a bit red round the gills keeping up with the BPMs! It’s deliberately cheesy in a couple of places but I think there’s a dark heart to it otherwise. Maybe not a mix for when you’re chillin’!


Right click here and ‘Save as’ to download This is Hard Hat Vol.1

  1. Amphetamine – Trope
  2. The Tradesman – Equinox
  3. The Great Gatsby (OD404 mix) – Captain Tinrib
  4. Elvis – Captain Tinrib & RR Fierce
  5. Mackerel – Chris C & M Zone
  6. Bonzai Channel One – Thunderball
  7. Technofobia – Bass Reaction
  8. Hardcore DJ – Dyewitness
  9. Masterplan (live version)- Dyewitness
  10. Smoke This MF – Scott Brown meets DJ Paul
  11. Jiieehaa – Diss Reaction
  12. As Cold As Ice – Stingray & Sonicdriver
  13. Stairway To Brooklyn – Eclipse
  14. Varispeed – Edge 11
  15. All Of Us Are One People – DJ Paul & Lenny Dee

Right click here and ‘Save as’ to download This is Hard Hat Vol.1