JD Pleks – Under the Influence (techno mix)


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Berlin. It gets under your skin, and it doesn’t leave. This is definitely a good thing! This mix is 75 minutes of techno that cries out to be listened to on a massive Funktion 1 soundsystem with 500 of your closest friends, but if you don’t have that then a good set of headphones will do just as well. Enjoy!


  1. Scratch – Torpez
  2. Dedicated To (2nd Chance Mix) – Peja
  3. Babel – Affkt
  4. Zelva – Sean Random
  5. Wall To Wall – Paul Ritch
  6. Alone In the Dark – Raffaele Rizzi
  7. Braintwister (FEOS & Leicher Remix) – Martin Woerner
  8. La Primera Gente – White Brothers
  9. Some Like It Dub – Dub Junk
  10. Convolution- Skudge
  11. East of Eden – Sian
  12. Babel (Redhead Remix) – Affkt
  13. Disturbed – Pjotr G & Dubiosity
  14. Contamination – Skudge
  15. Silent Shout – The Knife


Skelp – Take One (hardhouse mix)

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This mix was conceived and recorded in one take – I just switched on the decks and mixer, hit the record button and off I went. No preselection of tracks, no practice of the individual mixes and no recording three or four versions and selecting the best take. Because of this, it’s maybe a bit rougher round the edges in a couple of places, but overall I’m quite pleased with it. I was obviously in the mood for melody that morning, as this is as close to a pure trance mix as I think I can get.

Theres not much more to say about it really – there’s no concept, just the tunes I felt like playing there and then. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Calling Earth – Yves Deruyter
  2. Dont Stop – Mark NRG
  3. Schoneberg (TDV mix) – Marmion
  4. Tragic – BK
  5. NRG (unreleased mix) – Jon Doe
  6. Feel It – Eufex
  7. Biofilter – OD404
  8. (instru)mental – Nick Sentience & Phil Reynolds
  9. Warehouse – Jon Doe
  10. Khemikal Imbalance – BK & Andy Farley
  11. The Warning – Ben Stevens
  12. We Can Fly – Omega 3

Skelp – This is Hard Hat Vol. 1 (hardcore mix)

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It’s been a while since I have recorded any mixes – it seems nowadays that I need a reason to go near the decks, so when me ole’ mate Lizzie asked me to play at her birthday bash this year I jumped at the chance, knowing that it would give me the opportunity to play some ‘ard stuff. This is more or less exactly the set I played, which I think surprised a few folk on the night but certainly got some old-timers a bit red round the gills keeping up with the BPMs! It’s deliberately cheesy in a couple of places but I think there’s a dark heart to it otherwise. Maybe not a mix for when you’re chillin’!


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  1. Amphetamine – Trope
  2. The Tradesman – Equinox
  3. The Great Gatsby (OD404 mix) – Captain Tinrib
  4. Elvis – Captain Tinrib & RR Fierce
  5. Mackerel – Chris C & M Zone
  6. Bonzai Channel One – Thunderball
  7. Technofobia – Bass Reaction
  8. Hardcore DJ – Dyewitness
  9. Masterplan (live version)- Dyewitness
  10. Smoke This MF – Scott Brown meets DJ Paul
  11. Jiieehaa – Diss Reaction
  12. As Cold As Ice – Stingray & Sonicdriver
  13. Stairway To Brooklyn – Eclipse
  14. Varispeed – Edge 11
  15. All Of Us Are One People – DJ Paul & Lenny Dee

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Skelp – On The Edge (hardhouse mix)

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Ever been to a hardhouse night, arrived at 11.30pm and been greeted by 160bpm hoover monsters, or nonsense hardstyle and thought ‘this is far too hard / fast for this time’? I have – as a DJ you get a real sinking feeling when you are due to be playing at 1am, you arrive at 12 to see an empty dancefloor, a busy bar and the DJ rinsing out their hardest tunes – you know that your first 30-45 minutes will be spent trying to repair the damage done and get the dancefloor grooving. The DJ that is on first has a very important role to play in the overall night – the warmup.

For me, the clue is in the name ‘warm’ing up. Nightclubs are not a sprint, they’re a marathon of around minimum 4 hours duration, sometimes 10 or 12 hours. Now I know that there is a hardcore of people who only want the hardest and fastest of music in the club, but if you want to take everyone with you then I believe you need to tease and cajole people away from the bar and on to the dancefloor. Most people who are arriving will have been in a bar or two in town, where the DJs will almost certainly have been playing some kind of house music – there’s not many bars that thrash out hardhouse at 9pm – and for everyone but the hardcore suddenly finding yourself assaulted by machine-gun beats and harsh synths can be fairly disorienting. It’s the job of the warmup DJ to provide a musical path that everyone can follow, which ultimately leads to the hard stuff but doesn’t scare anyone off along the way!

I used to enjoy playing warmup sets during the hardhouse heyday – it gave me a chance to play many different styles within a short space of time, throwing in some funky stuff, a bit of camp hardbag, a bit of bounce and one or two tracks that hinted at the craziness to come later, but not quite being ‘there’ – just on the edge. Hence the title of this mix, which is 60 minutes that goes from the camp to the bouncy via the chuggy and dark. There’s no big ‘payoff’ as with most of my hard mixes, but I think that even non hardhouse heads could get into it. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Raindrops – Mario Scalambrin feat. Satori
  2. You Should Be Dancin’ (Karim Remix) – Bee Gees
  3. Distant Stab – The Freak and Mac Zimms
  4. Show Me Love (ShutYourFaceDub) – The Fruitloop
  5. Have A Good Time – The Alien Thing
  6. Let The Rhythm Flow (Club Mix) – Dancing Divaz
  7. Rock Your Enemies (Sister Suck Remix) – Cadenza
  8. Funky Monkey – Mark Kavanagh
  9. Cagey Groove  – The KGB
  10. House Music (In My Brain) – Mark NRG
  11. Show Me Love – The Fruitloop
  12. Coca & Havana – Gigi D’Agostino
  13. Turn That Fucking Music Up  – The Knuckleheads
  14. God The Devil (Brain Bashers Remix) – BK

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Skelp – The End of The Beginning (trancecore mix)

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Nostalgia’s a wonderful thing.

Back when I started  learning to mix on my borrowed decks n’ mixer, the first music I bought and played (well tried to play) was something that was known then as trancecore. It has since been renamed as Freeform, but I don’t hold truck with these newfangled ways – it was trancecore when I bought it, so trancecore it will always be!

This music was an offshoot of UK hardcore, and bridged the gap between gabba and happy hardcore, leaving out the total aggression of the former and toning down the total cheese of the latter but keeping the high BPM count – this isn’t chill-out music. I think I only really bought this style for a few months, but as with all first loves, it has a big place in my DJing heart.

As I moved on to other styles before I got any good at mixing I never got round to recording a set with these tracks, so it seemed like a good idea to do it now – the inspiration for this has come from various places, one of them from my friend Pearsall, who regularly posts different styles of mixes over on his blog (I don’t know where he gets the time from though!)

I have more or less included every (decent) trancecore track I own in this mix, so it’ll probably be the only one I ever make – I really had fun putting it together, hope you enjoy listening to it.

Trancecore will never die (in my heart anyway)

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  1. E=XY2 – Helix + DJ Fury
  2. Deep In Thought – Kenny Sharp
  3. Anticlockwise – DJ Energy
  4. Testament – Helix
  5. Cuba – Cortex
  6. Tekno Creche – Ramos & UFO
  7. Deep Incision – Helix
  8. Inexternal – Helix
  9. Hyperhydrosis – D Zyne + DJ Fury
  10. Tripswitch – Tic Tac
  11. Future Dimensions II – DJ Energy
  12. Awakenings – DSU
  13. Devastator – Eclipse
  14. Stairway To Brooklyn – Eclipse
  15. Warped Reality – DJ Energy
  16. Distant Minds – DJ Energy
  17. Nothing More – Marc Smith

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Skelp – Never Say Never (hardhouse mix)

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Another old hardhouse mix of mine dragged up from the archives. I think I recorded this in the summer of 2006, after a long break (possibly a year or so) from buying and playing this style. I had fully embraced both the sounds and the scene of techno, finding the hardhouse scene stagnating musically and the Scottish clubs to be full of absolute chumps. Every breakdown was accompanied by moronic football style chants, every dancefloor full of eejits with their tops off and there was often an unwelcoming, unfriendly atmosphere. This was a shame, as back in the golden years of 1997 – 2002(ish) it was a brilliant scene to be involved in, with crowds made up from all walks of life, all happy to be sharing the happy vibe (even if the music was often dark!). I blame hardstyle for the change, but that’s another story for another time…

Anyway, in the summer of 2006 I found a few tunes by accident that made me think that maybe, just maybe, there was a glimmer of hope for hardhouse (I was wrong). It inspired me to make a mix that took in some of my favourite hard tracks, and plotted a musical direction that I always tried to take with my longer sets, encompassing a few separate sub-genres, getting harder, darker and faster along the way and finishing on a toxic euphoric note. I reckon this mix does that – have a listen and let me know what you think.

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  1. Mauro Picotto—Lizard (Megavoices mix)
  2. Pranksterz—Jah Lion
  3. Rubec & Dan Basely—Closer
  4. The Chunk Brothers—It’s Time
  5. The Fast & The Furious—Thosak
  6. The Chunk Brothers—Bring On The Mayhem
  7. Nick Sentience & Tim Healy—Feel Surreal
  8. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim—Access (OD404 Mix)—
  9. Astra—I Need It (BK and dBm Into Orbit mix)
  10. Eufex & Jay B—Hypnotica
  11. Jay B—Rock It
  12. Eufex—Feel It
  13. Defective Audio—Champion Style
  14. Equinox—Immure
  15. Kernzy & Klemenza—Eardrums Pop
  16. Little Jon & Tim Priestly—Rock The Beat
  17. Chris C & The Doctor—Naked
  18. James Nardi & Julian Dwyer—Mad Dogs (Ben Stevens remix)
  19. Matt Rains—The Claw
  20. RR Fierce & DMF—Rock Da Spot
  21. Andy K & Lee Mills—In My House
  22. Phil Cogan—Alley Cat
  23. Jon Doe—Here Comes That Sound
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JD Pleks – Rallying Call (techhouse mix)

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I recorded this full-on techhouse mix back in August of this year (2010) but have sat on it for a couple of months as I wasn’t too sure about it – I was worried that the middle section was a little too samey for listening to, but one of my friends (thanks Stephen!) said:
‘Aye, it might be a bit similar for a wee bit, but it’s seamless and if you were in a club you would get well lost in it before the sprint to the finish’.

Now thats what I wanted to call it, but it was far too long a title, so I have abstracted the name from the mix. What does it, and the image mean? I guess you’ll have to work that one out for yourselves, maybe while you’re getting lost in the middle section of the mix?

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  1. Reminimalized – Alex Young
  2. Money (Babydoc & SJ Mix) – T-Roks
  3. Es la Vida (Format:B Remix) – Daniel Steinberg
  4. Get Come – Sila Guney
  5. Norrecs 24h Street Carnival – Schadenfreude
  6. Voodoo Palace (Khainz Remix) – Squoid
  7. Macedonio (Manel Diaz Remix) – Juan Ddd
  8. Sub-Sonic – Audio Dolls
  9. Pandoras Box – Echo Vacio
  10. Techno Killed The Cat – Sinisa Tamamovic
  11. Fly-By-Wire – Koen Groeneveld
  12. Mudma – SeeGee
  13. Responding To Dynamic (Koen Groenveld Remix) – Umek
  14. Reminimalized (Glitter remix) – Alex Young
  15. Drumrush (tribalism2002 re-edit) – Thimo U.S.
  16. Work This data – Umek

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JD Pleks – AtmosFerric (techno mix)

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This 75 minute mix reflects a further (r)evolution in my  techno style – I’m not too sure how to describe it really, other than it has elements of my earlier demos Room to Breathe, Shifting Perspective and the overall intensity ‘arc’ of Weeping Angels. There’s a lot of big kicks and shelves of bass with long flowing mixes so that the transitions are very easy on the ear. I think of this as ‘heads down’ techno, and its the kind of music that gets my feet stomping and my fists pumping but still has a lot of space between the sounds – this is a lot different from the music I played a few years ago but I haven’t totally lost my hardcore!

I hope you enjoy it – right click here and choose ‘Save As’ to download AtmosFerric


  1. Freakshow (Format B Remix) – Channel X
  2. Michigan Lake – Jonas Kopp
  3. Sardinian Clan – Alessio Mereu
  4. Mancing Dachine – Scalameriya
  5. Etecite (Heib’s Truth Facing Fight For Love Remix) – Sackrai
  6. Playing with Fire – Alessio Mereu
  7. Innocuous Clouds – Technasia
  8. Pelvic Thrust – Channel X
  9. Dark Church – Gaiser
  10. The Worker – Azari & III
  11. Jail Signal – Marco Bailey
  12. Razkaz – Marcel Fengler
  13. Mind – Xhin
  14. Azzekkatek – Flavio Diaz
  15. Hydrant – Virgil Enzinger
  16. Tethys – A.Paul
  17. Thwack – Marcel Fengler
  18. Mono Tactics – Axel Sohns

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Span Decks – Manifesto (Eighties mix)

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I love a lot of things about the 80s. I love the fact that all my teen years were spent in that decade – I had a back perm, a Raleigh Super Burner, Sta-Prest trousers, poser belts and the Atari 2600 (Pacman ON YOUR TELLY!). In 1983 Aberdeen won the European Cup-Winners Cup in  Gothenburg (Here we go!). The Beastie Boys had their first UK tour in 1987 which had the tabloids in a frenzy and 17 year old boys like me wearing VW badges and drinking budweiser. It’s no wonder that I look back on the music that was made in those years with a great deal of warm nostalgia – I guess that’s why I now have this alter-ego of Span Decks!

When I first started thinking about djing 80s music, I decided quite early on that anything I did for recordings I should be able to reproduce live, in a club, without too much pre-planning, the same as I do with techno, electro and hardhouse. This I thought of as the Span Decks manifesto, so when it came to my first demo, it had to be named the same. This mix can be thought of as a manifesto of sorts in itself – it’s unthemed (other than by decade) so takes in a bit of funk, rock, electronica and pop. It was mixed in one take using Serato Scratch live with no autosynching and no post-recording edits. There are some loops in there to help make the transitions easier on the ear though – no point having a digital djing setup without using it’s features!

I hope you enjoy this little trip down my memory lane.

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  1. Going Back To My Roots – Odyssey
  2. Axel F – Harold Faltermeyer
  3. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
  4. Nightflight To Venus – Boney M.
  5. Funkytown – Lipps Inc.
  6. Theme From S’Express – S’Express
  7. White Lines (Don’t Do It) – Grandmaster Flash / Melle Mel
  8. Beat Dis – Bomb The Bass
  9. Obsession – Animotion
  10. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Junior
  11. The Final Countdown – Europe
  12. The Race – Yello
  13. Fade To Grey – Visage
  14. The Power Of Love – Huey Lewis And The News
  15. Call Me – Spagna
  16. Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  17. Blue Monday – New Order
  18. Super Freak – Rick James
  19. 99 Luftballons – Nena

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JD Pleks – Room to Breathe (techno mix)

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Here’s another mix from the recent past – this one was recorded in December 2008, when I was really just starting to find my feet with a slower, more considered style of techno. I had begun to tire of the very ‘samey’ sounds and energy in the ‘nu’ techno scene, and had been, over the previous year, discovering that I enjoyed listening to techno that had less going on, more space between the sounds and tracks given time within the mix to progress and get inside your head.

I guess you could call it minimal, certainly for the first half, but I reckon it’s just techno!

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  1. Coheed – Nathan Fake
  2. Buenos Aires – Igor S Milton
  3. Shibuya (Rocha Lewinger remix) – Anderson Noise
  4. Pandemonium – A.D.M
  5. Hyperbolic – efflle and Jitzu
  6. Static (Christopher Manik remix) – Topher Jones
  7. Burlington – Bradler Dualton
  8. Eclipse (Locodice remix) – Oner Ozer
  9. Lost Memory – Oxia
  10. Runaway – Ron Flatter
  11. Dirty Game – Sinisa Tamamovic
  12. Keep It Going (Microdinamic remix) – Igor S feat Lady Brian
  13. Pan Pan – Koen Groeneveld
  14. Shady Rider – Sinisa Tamamovic

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