JD Pleks – AtmosFerric (techno mix)


Right Click image or here and choose ‘Save As’ to download AtmosFerric

This 75 minute mix reflects a further (r)evolution in my  techno style – I’m not too sure how to describe it really, other than it has elements of my earlier demos Room to Breathe, Shifting Perspective and the overall intensity ‘arc’ of Weeping Angels. There’s a lot of big kicks and shelves of bass with long flowing mixes so that the transitions are very easy on the ear. I think of this as ‘heads down’ techno, and its the kind of music that gets my feet stomping and my fists pumping but still has a lot of space between the sounds – this is a lot different from the music I played a few years ago but I haven’t totally lost my hardcore!

I hope you enjoy it – right click here and choose ‘Save As’ to download AtmosFerric


  1. Freakshow (Format B Remix) – Channel X
  2. Michigan Lake – Jonas Kopp
  3. Sardinian Clan – Alessio Mereu
  4. Mancing Dachine – Scalameriya
  5. Etecite (Heib’s Truth Facing Fight For Love Remix) – Sackrai
  6. Playing with Fire – Alessio Mereu
  7. Innocuous Clouds – Technasia
  8. Pelvic Thrust – Channel X
  9. Dark Church – Gaiser
  10. The Worker – Azari & III
  11. Jail Signal – Marco Bailey
  12. Razkaz – Marcel Fengler
  13. Mind – Xhin
  14. Azzekkatek – Flavio Diaz
  15. Hydrant – Virgil Enzinger
  16. Tethys – A.Paul
  17. Thwack – Marcel Fengler
  18. Mono Tactics – Axel Sohns

right click here and choose ‘Save As’ to download AtmosFerric


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