JD Pleks – Weeping Angels (techno mix)


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This is a 70 minute techno mix, recorded in March 2010. It’s a mix that accurately reflects the type of techno that really gets me excited at the moment, which is why I make no apologies for including 5 tracks by Sinisa Tamamovic – he is producing, in my opinion, the perfect marriage of dark basslines, spaced out percussion, eerie, haunting synth lines and good old fashioned groove. Listen to his tracks in good headphones and they really come to life.

The mix takes in a little bit of techhouse(ish) to start, quickly gets it’s techno pants on and ramps up the bass throughout. It grooves along in the middle section and then the finish is pretty dark – just the sort of thing I love to hear at 3am in a sweaty, grotty venue with big bassbins and a heaving dancefloor. Sounds quite good at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon in yer livingroom too, but without the no-top sweaty guy who ALWAYS wants to be my friend!

The album artwork is an original piece by Audrey O’Brien and is exclusive to this mix.

Right-click here and choose ‘save as’ to download ‘Weeping Angels’


  1. Kill Me (Instrumental) – Steffi
  2. Dirty Walker – Itamar Sagi
  3. Deep Inside Ur Eyes (Abe Duque remix) – Savas Pascalidis
  4. Destroy Minimal – John Lagora
  5. Photophobia – Noiseprofessor
  6. Progresija – Mladen Tomic
  7. Bombscare – taster peter
  8. Halters – Mladen Tomic
  9. Round 2 (Tamamovic remix) – Sinisa Tamamovic
  10. Slap – Umek
  11. Kick On (Alexi Delano + Tony Rohr remix) – Ascion
  12. Bark 1.1 – Sinisa Tamamovic
  13. Flip – Sinisa Tamamovic
  14. Dirty Game – Sinisa Tamamovic
  15. My Religion 1.1 – Sinisa Tamamovic
  16. Dragon (Marco Bailey + Tom Hades remix) – Joey Beltram
  17. Face of Rejection – Alan Fitzpatrick
  18. Remainings III (Jesper Dahlback remix) – Adam Beyer

Right-click here and choose ‘save as’ to download ‘Weeping Angels’


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