Skelp – The End of The Beginning (trancecore mix)


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Nostalgia’s a wonderful thing.

Back when I started  learning to mix on my borrowed decks n’ mixer, the first music I bought and played (well tried to play) was something that was known then as trancecore. It has since been renamed as Freeform, but I don’t hold truck with these newfangled ways – it was trancecore when I bought it, so trancecore it will always be!

This music was an offshoot of UK hardcore, and bridged the gap between gabba and happy hardcore, leaving out the total aggression of the former and toning down the total cheese of the latter but keeping the high BPM count – this isn’t chill-out music. I think I only really bought this style for a few months, but as with all first loves, it has a big place in my DJing heart.

As I moved on to other styles before I got any good at mixing I never got round to recording a set with these tracks, so it seemed like a good idea to do it now – the inspiration for this has come from various places, one of them from my friend Pearsall, who regularly posts different styles of mixes over on his blog (I don’t know where he gets the time from though!)

I have more or less included every (decent) trancecore track I own in this mix, so it’ll probably be the only one I ever make – I really had fun putting it together, hope you enjoy listening to it.

Trancecore will never die (in my heart anyway)

Right click here to download ‘The End of The Beginning’


  1. E=XY2 – Helix + DJ Fury
  2. Deep In Thought – Kenny Sharp
  3. Anticlockwise – DJ Energy
  4. Testament – Helix
  5. Cuba – Cortex
  6. Tekno Creche – Ramos & UFO
  7. Deep Incision – Helix
  8. Inexternal – Helix
  9. Hyperhydrosis – D Zyne + DJ Fury
  10. Tripswitch – Tic Tac
  11. Future Dimensions II – DJ Energy
  12. Awakenings – DSU
  13. Devastator – Eclipse
  14. Stairway To Brooklyn – Eclipse
  15. Warped Reality – DJ Energy
  16. Distant Minds – DJ Energy
  17. Nothing More – Marc Smith

Right click here to download ‘The End of The Beginning’


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